Almost all Schools tend to have some form of extra-circular activity, chess club, debate team and poetry slam all spring to mind. However how many schools have have their very own Fire Service…. Thats where this adventure began, with the Mahindra United World College Fire and Rescue Service team. A handful of scrawny teenagers from all corners of the globe appointed with the job of quickly responding to wildfires which often engulf grasslands around campus.  

Each year one week out of the school calendar is designated for ‘Project Week’. The opportunity to travel off campus and spend the week pursuing an appropriate idea. For fire service this was tackling one of the hardest treks in Maharastra called Alang Madan Kulang or AMK. The dangerously narrow trail twists along, and up the mountain face until it reacher an 1000 year old cave at the summit. At times becoming so steep that walking became impossible and we resorted to climbing.

In the scoring summer heat we loaded our packs and set off through the dusty landscape. Slowly pushing out way higher into the cliffs, we had never felt so far away. 


Taking a moment to catch our breath on a ledge, Arvin (the teacher crazy enough to take us this adventure) concerned with how close I am standing to the edge

One of the many narrow and steep staircases cut into the cliff face

Dirty, Tired, Sunburnt and Smelly but very happy

Reaching the summit and our camp for the night. An 1000 year old cave carved into the mountainside. We took a moment to relax and reflect

Anna taking a moment to be pretentious at Sunset (As Usual)  

Copy of AMK-20.jpg

Waking up on the edge of a cliff just as the first rays of sunlight began to lick the mountainside

Joao trying to keep with cool whille descending back down the cliff face

An amazing trip and unforgettable trip. Surprised no one , especially myself feel to their death along the way.