The Story So Far

Enchanted by tales of mountaintops high and caves low, of valleys wide and ridges narrow Samuel Eder longed to join the ranks of the adventurers, climbers, and vagabonds. 

Yet the rocks had not yet tasted his blood, the sun licked his skin, nor rain washed his hair. So at the ripe old age of 16 the bags where packed, lenses stowed and teary farewells said.

And with a glint in his eye he ran away to the stretching plains of India, in pursuit of endless landscapes, rugged mountains, and torrential rains - chasing the horizon, the most trivial fool’s errand.

Inspired not by the immaculate Instagram explores, but by the delectable dirtbags, the outcast with matted hair sustained skin and toothy grins living on the fringe for a fistful of freedom. 

So his mind turned to the mountains, eyes to the ever stretching horizon and heart to the heavens. The road became his home, monsoon his shower, caves his castles. 

And regardless of which escaped he embarked upon one could be certain, always a camera dangled by his side. So that maybe he could capture the fleeting feeling which draws lost souls to these distant places, the cackling call of the void.

Follow me on this journey or join my side and let us chase the horizons together. 



- Sydney Morning Herald Photos 1440

- Irgendwo Leipzig

- Visionale Leipzig Nomination

- Art on the move, Transdev

- Clique Student Winner

- Clique Student Finnalist